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“Our society is not one of spectacle but of surveillance.”

London is the most watched city in the world. CCTV catches us on every street corner, while cameras and microphones sit in our pockets.

What is private? Do we actually care?

Built around first-hand accounts from experts in the field of surveillance and observation, this is a story of watching and being watched.

Engineer’s previous show The Gap in the Light was shortlisted for BEST ENSEMBLE at the OffWestEnd Awards 2017. 

Run was nominated for BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ENSEMBLE at the OffWestEnd Awards 2016.


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Thu 18 Apr 2019, 7:30pm

Captioned by Stagetext

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New Diorama Theatre
15-16 Triton Street
Regent's Place

Phone: 020 7383 9034

Email: sophie@newdiorama.com

Website: New Diorama Theatre

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