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Her Naked Skin

Her Naked Skin


Love is just fear I suppose. Masquerading as a fever. Then you explore each other and suddenly you have licence to become totally pedestrian. And ultimately abusive. 

London 1913. Militancy in the suffragette movement is at its height. Hundreds of women of all classes serve time in Holloway Prison in their fight to gain the vote. Amongst them is Lady Celia Cain who feels trapped by both the policies of the day and the shackles of 
a frustrating marriage. Inside, she meets a young seamstress, Eve Douglas, and her life spirals into erotic but dangerous chaos. 

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s Her Naked Skin premiered at the National Theatre in July 2008. 

The professional cast will perform alongside a community company to present this epic story of political and personal intensity. 


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Wed 17 Oct 2018, 7:30pm

Captioned by STAGETEXT

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Salisbury Playhouse
Malthouse Lane

Phone: 01722 320 333

Email: boxoff@salisburyplayhouse.com

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