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Queens of the Coal Age

Queens of the Coal Age



Anne, Elaine, Dot and Lesley. Four ordinary women, facing the closure of their community. It’s 1993 and the Parkside Colliery pit may be winding down, but they’re not giving up.

Their bras stuffed with contraband, they take a tour of the pit and refuse to come up. Settling into the depths of the mine, making tissue roses and walking imaginary dogs, they face bribery and threats. But as they dig in, those up top start to realise these ladies are not for turning.

Queens of the Coal Age is the heartwarming and funny true story of four women taking a stand in the face of a changing world.

'I wrote QUEENS OF THE COAL AGE because I wanted to shine a light on Anne, Lesley, Elaine and Dot’s determination and bravery, Their ingenuity and passion. These FOUR extraordinary women did something... they took direct action. I didn’t want their protest to be forgotten I wanted to celebrate their efforts. Protest is more potent now than ever. To me it isn’t about clicking a mouse or ‘liking’ something, It’s about getting out there and facing your oppressors, being visible . It’s not always about winning the struggle, but it’s about stemming the flow. We need to show them that we are still here. We still have a fight in us and we won’t roll over, and The Queens are for me champions of that- FOUR fearless women who stood up to be counted.' Maxine Peake


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Thu 12 Jul 2018, 7:30pm

Captioned by STAGETEXT

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