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Talk Rafael Moneo - Soane Annual Lecture

Rafael Moneo - Soane Annual Lecture

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The Soane Annual Lecture is our new signature public event that recognises architects, artists, writers and others whose work has broadened and enriched understandings of architecture and the built environment.

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by the distinguished Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo, who has devoted his career to teaching, writing and practice. Moneo’s career has embodied the idea of architecture as something that resides not just in the structure and the materials of a building, but in time and place, word and image, people and community. His most famous works include the National Museum of Art in Merida, the extension to Prado Museum in Madrid, and the City Hall in Murcia.

About the Lecture

The Soane Annual Lecture continues the mission established by the Museum’s founder. Since he bequeathed his house to the nation 180 years ago, Sir John Soane’s Museum has played a special role in architecture, and in London, as a place to provoke and inspire everyone – young and old, architects or not – to consider the possibilities of architecture to shape our environment in an immediate, understandable way. Instilled in its very spaces is a profound belief in the central importance of architecture to the body and the soul, to people and to the city.

As we grapple with the challenges of the 21st century – housing shortages, uncoordinated development, strained infrastructure, congestion, pollution, the effects of climate change – this approach to architecture is arguably more important today than it has ever been. Given the scarcity of open public debate about the shape of our built environment, the new Soane Annual Lecture and Medal is an opportunity to fill this gap and bring the spirit embedded in the Museum to our contemporary condition and a wider audience.

Tickets are £10 (£5 students) and can be booked via the St John Soane's website link below.

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Wed 1 Nov 2017, 7:00pm

Live subtitling

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The Royal Institution
21 Albermarle Street
The Arts Council
The Arts Council
The Arts Council