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Left My Desk

Left My Desk


A show about caring.
“Really it would be cheaper for the tax payer if all the babies in care died and we paid for each one of them to have a horse-drawn funeral carriage”
Becca leaves the office at 8.56am. Uniform is waiting. They speed across the city, blues and twos blaring, on the trail of a missing woman. 
This is like a police drama! 
Except Becca is a social worker, and they never put social workers in police dramas.
Budgets across councils are at breaking point, making a difficult job increasingly impossible. Demand is high, wages are low, and burnout is common. Based on research, interviews and testimonial, Left My Desk is a play about social care in England today, exploring the crisis unfolding throughout our system. 

Event details

Thu 14 Jun 2018, Evening

Captioned by Stagetext

Venue details

New Diorama Theatre
15-16 Triton Street
Regent's Place

Phone: 020 7383 9034

Email: sophie@newdiorama.com

Website: New Diorama Theatre

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