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Trap Street

Trap Street


It's 1961 and the concrete's just been poured for a brand new housing estate.
It’s beautiful, not because of the clean lines, indoor toilets and wide windows, but because the idea behind it is beautiful. This is the future, and it's for everyone. It's 2018 and the last tower of the estate is about to come down. The dream that saw it built has long since died and now the estate has to follow suit to make way for new buildings, based on new ideas. This is the future, whether you like it or not.
The new show from award-winning Kandinsky brings the company's trademark theatrical inventiveness to city life through the maps that have tried to define it. Trap Street explores a community trying to find its way in a landscape shaped by power.

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Thu 29 Mar 2018, Evening

Captioned by Stagetext

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New Diorama Theatre
15-16 Triton Street
Regent's Place

Phone: 020 7383 9034

Email: sophie@newdiorama.com

Website: New Diorama Theatre

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