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The Big Corner

The Big Corner


Bill and Alf, two young Bolton lads hungry for adventure, discover the mystery and the delights of girls as they grow up together.
Every night they meet at the “Big Corner” at the end of the road to tell (and exaggerate) the stories of their days. One day they meet a girl and both fall in love. After choosing Alf, they marry and every night as they go to bed he tells her a story recounting his escapades growing up as she falls asleep. A kaleidoscope of Bolton life, The Big Corner is a story of hope, young friendship, love and heartache.
Bill Naughton wrote over a thousand short stories and memoirs of his time growing up in Bolton. For our 50th anniversary former Artistic Director Lawrence Till writes a new play that weaves together Naughton’s stories into a heartwarming and uplifting comedy.

Event details

Tue 1 May 2018, 7:30pm

Captioned by Stagetext

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Octagon Bolton
Howell Croft South

Phone: 01204 520 661

Email: boxoffice@octagonbolton.co.uk

Website: Octagon Bolton

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