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Talk Dangerous Liaisons: Sir Thomas Lawrence and the Siddons Sisters

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Inspired by the Wallace Collection's Portrait of a Lady by Sir Thomas Lawrence (c. 1800) (identified by his biographers to be Sally Siddons) this talk by Laura Engle examines a series of paintings that illustrate the doomed love triangle between the celebrated artist and Sally and Maria Siddons, daughters of the famous actress Sarah Siddons.

Lawrence initially began a secret courtship with Siddons' daughter Sally. But, in a strange twist of events in 1798 he became engaged to her sister Maria. Lawrence soon decided against the marriage because of his original love for Sally. After Maria's early death from tuberculosis, Sally reluctantly refused to see Lawrence and he began to stalk her while she was on tour with her mother. Eventually Lawrence lost interest in their relationship. Sally continued to love him until her death in 1803 at the age of 24. Lawrence's passionate, haunting images of both women create a window into the trajectory of desires that at one time ensnared them all.

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Fri 26 May 2017, 1:00pm

Live subtitling

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The Wallace Collection (Feasting)
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