The Merry Wives of Windsor (Richmond Shakespeare Society)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Richmond Shakespeare Society)

Key facts

Genre: Drama

Playwright: William Shakespeare


Written at Queen Elizabeth I’s command, this perennially enjoyable and rollicking farce offers laughs galore. Sir John Falstaff – Shakespeare’s most-loved comic character – has a cunning plan to get both money and women. But a frantically jealous husband, two feisty wives, idiotically funny foreigners, and the famous laundry-basket scene see him get his come-uppance instead. Why not experience live theatre in the glorious outdoor setting of the Fountain Gardens on Twickenham Riverside? Bring along your picnic chairs and rugs, lie back and enjoy the show, atmosphere and licensed bar. Our annual open air production promises to be a sell-out yet again, so please book your tickets early...

This performance is outside and seating is unreserved. The caption unit will be above the stage so please get there early in order to secure seats in the centre block. Please bring your own cushions, rugs and chairs to sit on. There are 2 audience spaces: a limited area at the front & sides of the stage for people sitting on the ground plus another larger area for those sitting on picnic chairs.

Event details

Thu 25 Jul 2013, 7:45pm

Captioned by STAGETEXT

Venue details

The Mary Wallace Theatre

Fountain Gardens

The Embankment




Phone: 020 8744 0547 (10am-7pm only)

Website: The Mary Wallace Theatre

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