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Talk Durham Book Festival | Christina Riggs: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century

Durham Book Festival | Christina Riggs: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century


When it was found in 1922, the 3,300-year old tomb of Tutankhamun sent shockwaves around the world, turning the boy-king into a household name overnight and kickstarting an international media obsession that endures to this day.

From pop culture and politics to tourism and heritage and from the Jazz Age to the climate crisis, it’s impossible to imagine the twentieth century without the discovery of Tutankhamun – yet so much of the story remains untold. Here, for the first time, Christina Riggs weaves compelling historical analysis with tales of lives touched by an encounter with Tutankhamun, including her own. Treasured: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century offers a bold new history of the young pharaoh, who has as much to tell us about our world as his own.

Christina Riggs is Professor of the History of Visual Culture at Durham University and an expert on the history of the Tutankhamun excavation. She is the author of several books, including Photographing Tutankhamun and Ancient Egyptian Magic: A Hands-on Guide.

Chaired by Dr Alex Barber, Durham University.

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Sat 16 Oct 2021, 11:00am

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