Every word counts

Kubrick3 at New Diorama Theatre

By Peter J Pullan

“This is a true story” we were told as we entered the theatre for what turned out to be an extremely curious, fascinating and hilarious play. We were introduced to Alan Conway, whose life was pretty dull - he is a failed businessman and unsuccessful homosexual (!)
He therefore decides to tell everyone that he is Stanley Kubrick, the brilliant film director. Alan and his three identically dressed alter ego characters play out events showing the consequences of the ongoing lies and different aspects of Alan Conway’s life and behaviour. These were sometimes comic, sometimes sad and often preposterous. The characters were extremely funny to see and very strange but oddly engaging. They often contradicted each other to the puzzlement of the audience and Alan’s long-suffering son. After the first shocks, you just relaxed and enjoyed the madness.
The actors were simply brilliant in their delivery of the often fast-paced dialogue and their execution of their skilfully timed moves. Extracts of music and pastiches of key moments in Kubrick’s films added to the fun. Just as you thought it could not get more ridiculous, we were shown a film of the real Alan Conway and “This is a true story” seemed even more amazing. I felt strangely moved as Alan’s remains were carried off to the music that accompanies the majestic opening of Kubrick’s ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’. The captioning was brilliant and enabled us all to follow this fascinating show. The smiles on the faces of the audience leaving the auditorium were a joy to behold.
This was fringe theatre at its very best.


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