Every word counts

Companion Piece at Pleasance Theatre, Islington, London

By Peter J Pullan

I went along to the first show to be captioned at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington and I was so glad I did. It was an excellent play, cleverly conceived and nicely written with realistic humour and pathos. The set looked great and the performers completely convincing. The surprise, shock - however you might react - built up as you learned more of the sexual feelings of the characters and the conclusion was completely satisfying.

The theatre is delightful – I love the smaller theatres because we can see the actors so clearly and with the help of the captions you can hear them so well. The caption unit position was fine – positioned on the gable beam it looked perfectly natural and absolutely part of the evening’s experience.

Later on, I was telling a couple of other deaf people what an excellent play they missed. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity to see a captioned production at the Pleasance.


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