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Freedom Festival 2020 | Available online 4-6 September

Get ready for playful and powerful performances that can be enjoyed at home.

Freedom is a festival born from the city of Hull and its association with the abolitionist movement, themes of empowerment, activism and the potential of community. The festival programme is playfully woven together with world-class street theatre, circus, dance, physical theatre, music, talks, visual art, exhibitions, debates and so much more. 
It is by far the human impact, the sense of pride, hope and optimism that permeates the city during the festival weekend that offers up an insight into the potential, long term transformational impact of Freedom Festival and its year-round activity.

All events are available to watch on Freedom Festival's website between 
Friday 4th and Sunday 6th September

See the list of accessible events below or see the whole programme at www.freedomfestival.co.uk/our-festival/full-programme.


Hopes and Fears Across the Water
What will our future world be like now that it has changed forever (COVID-19, privacy & surveillance and ecology); explored through spoken word between the UK and the Netherlands.

The Remains of Logan Dankworth
by Luke Wright 
Trust and privilege in the age of Brexit. Who are the winners and losers? The third of Luke Wright’s trilogy of political verse plays. Freedom Festival have teamed up with Nova Studios to commission this film version.
Emma Fee
Evocative and melodic, drawing lyrical inspiration from everyday experiences, singer-songwriter Emma Fee’s music is influenced  by everything from The Beatles to Bright Eyes.

Chiedu Oraka ft. Deezkid 
Raised on a diet of old school hip hop in a city often dominated by guitar music, the Hull native is cutting his own path with a fresh alternative, a DIY aesthetic and his own collective known as Lockdown.
Katie Spencer
Curating intimate studies using her unique finger-picked acoustic guitar style and an assured warm voice, Katie underlines the sense of space that surrounds her home by the sea in Hornsea, East Yorkshire.
Downtown Kayoto
Relish the experience of discovering and embracing personality, identity and self-expression in a blending of elements from many genres by Zimbabwe-born artist Downtown Kayoto.
Laura Douse
With a country twang and music running through her veins, Laura’s been an active member of the Hull music scene for the majority of her adult life, involved in band projects such as Elwheako for 15 years, alongside her solo projects.

The Dyr Sister
A devastatingly beautiful expression of what it means to be alive and kicking and still telling tales in these bleak times, the 49 string band The Dyr Sister transmits the surreal, subversive and provocative paintings of sound in response to the vagaries of modern life. 
Freedom Talks: Tacky's Revolt
This webinar will involve a stellar cast of invited academics, all with specialist knowledge in this area each discussing their understanding of the revolt. 

Black Peril 2020
The backdrop of today’s civil unrest, statues being torn down and serious soul searching across Britain, mean that there has rarely been a more opportune moment to explore ignored British history. 
Falling Through the Net
James Baker, Jasmine Holding Brown and Saphia Fleury will each talk about their individual projects; heritage, child rescue, and migration.

Modern Day Slavery in Humberside
Two local experts share their insights into victims of modern slavery in Humberside: who the victims are, what they experience, and the local support they receive.



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