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Fleabag for Charity (Tweet transcript)


Phoebe Waller-Bridge: “Three nights ago I ordered myself a very slutty pizza” is one of the opening lines of the play of Fleabag and is also true.

Now I’m so, so excited to announce that today, under the banner of ‘Fleabag for Charity’, the National Theatre Live recording of my West End performance of Fleabag, in September last year, is now available to stream on the Soho Theatre On Demand website and on Friday you’ll be able to stream on Amazon Prime.

For the small gift of a minimum of four pounds you’ll be able to stream the show and all the proceeds that we make will go straight to charities fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m really, really proud to say that every single member of the Fleabag team across this production, including our producing partners and our whole creative team, have all banded together and decided to waive their royalties and their fees from this production so as much money as possible can go to these incredible charities.

Seventy per cent of everything we raise will go to the frontlines and to the people most vulnerable in our society and the final thirty per cent will go back into the theatre industry, where Fleabag began.

I really did think that this stage production of Fleabag was going to be the end of her journey and so I have to apologise for those of you who were counting on that.

But, for those of you who missed the play or maybe just miss Fleabag, I really hope that this can give you some entertainment in your isolation and can also help raise money for these incredible charities.

Thank you so much in advance for your donations, I really hope you enjoy it.

And the last thing I want to say is, as long as we remember to stay at home, look after each other and look after those who are looking after us, then there really is one thing we can know about this difficult time, and that is…


Andrew Scott: It’ll pass.


Andrew Scott: [blows a kiss]




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