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Live subtitles at the WriteIdea Festival

The eleventh Writeidea Festival, Tower Hamlets Council’s unique free reading festival, will take place at Idea Store Whitechapel over the weekend of 15 - 17 November 2019.

All the events are FREE. You can just come along on the day but most events will be very popular and we strongly advise booking a ticket in advance.

All live subtitled events are listed below but find out more about the festival at https://www.ideastore.co.uk/writeidea


Colin Grant Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation
Fri 15 Nov 2019, 7:00pm

Growing up in Luton in the 1960s, Colin learned not to ask his Jamaican parents why they had emigrated to Britain. But now, seventy years after the arrival of ships such as the Windrush, this generation of pioneers are ready to tell their stories.

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  Isabella Tree – Wilding
Sat 16 Nov 2019, 2:30pm

In 2000, aware that intensive farming of the heavy clay soils on their Sussex farm was economically unsustainable, Isabella Tree and her husband took a leap of faith and handed their acreage back to nature. With herds of free-roaming animals stimulating new habitats, their land is now heaving with life.

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Kate Thompson and Melanie McGrath - Talking About All Things East End
Sat 16 Nov 2019, 4:00pm

Kate Thompson and Melanie McGrath, two much loved local authors, will be discussing their mutual love of social history while also talking about their acclaimed books, Secrets of the Homefront Girls and Pie & Mash Down the Roman Road, respectively.

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  David Hepworth - A Fabulous Creation
Sat 16 Nov 2019, 5:30pm

The era of the LP began in 1967, with ‘Sgt Pepper’, the end came only fifteen years later, coinciding with the release of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. By then, the Walkman had taken music out of the home and the music business was looking for new ways to make money.

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Hallie Rubenhold The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack
Sat 16 Nov 2019, 7:00pm

The Five is the first full-length biography to explore and contextualise the lives of the five victims of Jack the Ripper. Offering new insights and drawing on previously unseen or unpublished material, its focus is entirely on the women and not on their murderer.

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  Christopher Skaife The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower
Sun 17 Nov 2019, 1:00pm

Interweaving history, natural history and myth, this is the first behind-the-scenes account of life with the ravens . Over the years he has cared for the wellbeing of these birds and Christopher Skaife has come to know them like no-one else.

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Vivi Lachs - Whitechapel Noise
Sun 17 Nov 2019, 2:30pm

Whitechapel Noise tells new tales of an immigrant culture in flux through the abundant Yiddish couplets written in pre-first world war London. Heartbreaking ballads of children in poverty and strident union songs depict hard lives and the struggle for improved conditions.

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  Cathi Unsworth and Jordan - Defying gravity; Jordan’s story
Sun 17 Nov 2019, 4:00pm

How did a ballet-mad girl from sleepy Sussex make her way – via the gay clubs of Brighton and London – to 430 King’s Road and the eye of punk’s storm? This is the outrageous story of punk’s poster girl.

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Matthew Green - A History of London
Sun 17 Nov 2019, 5:30pm

Discover how London cracked out of its medieval shell, sprawled into the suburbs and emerged as a "human awful wonder of God" in this mesmerising, vividly illustrated talk.Hear tales of medieval bear pits, Georgian coffee houses, Victorian pornography shacks, medieval zoos and more, in this whirlwind tour of the capital's past which will be seared into the soft wax of your mind forever.

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