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Stagetext captioners

Roz Chalmers

Roz has worked with people with a hearing loss for over 20 years. She began as a lipreading teacher and later qualified as a lipspeaker. She is a trainer and examiner for the professional qualification for captioners, the Stagetext Certificate for Theatre Captioners. In addition to her work with Stagetext, Roz is also a qualified audio describer for blind and partially sighted people, working both in theatre and in TV audio description.

Alex Romeo  

Alex has a degree in English Literature from the University of Aberdeen and an MA in Theatre Directing from Royal Holloway University. She has been working with deaf people for over 10 years. Alex is a trainer for the Stagetext Certificate for Theatre Captioners and an examiner of captioners. She has worked as an editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she writes and plays the guitar.



Glenn Hathaway

Glenn is a qualified captioner with over eight years' experience. His love of music led to him being asked to become the Stagetext ‘opera’ captioner. His ambition to caption Wagner’s Ring Cycle is still unrealised, but he regularly captions a number of the big London West End musicals. In addition, he also captions straight plays at theatres all over the capital. Glenn holds the Stagetext Certificate in Theatre Captioning for Deaf People and CACDP Level 2 Communication Tactics. By day, he works for a large London-based organisation.


Steve Burrows

Steve Burrows has been a Stagetext captioner for seven years, after having previously been a teacher of music and drama for 15 years. He now combines captioning alongside his work as a database manager in the NHS. His arts experience has also included a variety of acting, singing and dancing roles and educational work with a range of national and international companies. Steve is also an examiner of new captioners.

Gary Hindhaugh

Gary is a professional advertising copywriter and marketing specialist. He has worked in journalism and publishing and has a keen interest in the arts.




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