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Stagetext speech-to-text reporters

Amanda Bavin

Amanda is a fully-qualified, freelance Speech-to-Text Reporter who learnt her skills as a realtime writer for the BBC. She has attended various galleries and museums around the UK for Stagetext over the past two-and-a-half years and thoroughly enjoys the challenging work.  Other assignments are vast and varied, ranging from very informal meetings, even in client's houses or cafés, to intergovernmental conferences.

Amanda is on the National Registers for Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). Find out more on her website.


Nicola Dutton

Nicola has been a speech-to-text reporter since 1996, beginning her career in the crown courts of London.  In 1997, she joined the BBC's live subtitling department and was trained as a broadcast captioner, favouring to subtitle horse racing, entertainment and children's shows.

Nicola thoroughly enjoys providing live subtitles at meetings, conferences, festivals, museums, and working regularly for Stagetext in other arts and cultural venues.

Nicola is a member of AVSTTR and BIVR and recently passed the BIVR Qualified Realtime Reporter examination with distinction.

Jean Gough

Having started her verbatim reporting career in the criminal courts as a Pitman shorthand writer, Jean swapped her pen for a Stenograph machine in 1990.  She joined the BBC live TV subtitling department in 1993,  and somehow managed to keep her cool when captioning the now infamous Newsnight interview between Jeremy Paxman and Michael Howard!  

She said goodbye to live TV subtitling in 2006 and now works exclusively for clients with a hearing loss, principally at conferences, training courses and in small meetings.  She is registered with NRCPD and was delighted to receive the Signature Communication Professional of the Year Award in November 2011.  She is an active member of BIVR and AVSTTR, and advises NRCPD on professional issues affecting STTRs.

She has worked for Stagetext at pre-theatre show talks, exhibitions, literary and music events.  The range of vocabulary and background research required for these events is limitless, so each one represents a steep learning curve!


Claire Hill

Claire has been working as a realtime stenographer since 1995.  Her relationship with Stagetext began in 2007, providing speech-to-text transcription (STT) for Pre- and Post-Show Discussions, talks at museums and galleries, literary festival events and theatre shows which combine improvised material with quotations, eg My Perfect Mind at the Young Vic, which drew heavily on the text of King Lear.  She is NRCPD registered and passed the BIVR realtime test with 100% accuracy, for which she was given a medal!  She combines STAGETEXT events with working on international arbitrations in Europe.

Find out more about Claire on her website.   


Wendy Osmond

Wendy began court reporting in 1996, providing realtime verbatim transcription (LiveNote) mostly in the High Court and the Old Bailey.   Since starting a family, Wendy has worked remotely from home in Wiltshire, providing live TV subtitles and remote speech-to-text for conference calls, meetings, lectures and conferences as well as remote live captions for tours of museums, galleries and other art venues for Stagetext.

Wendy is a Registered NRCPD Speech-to-Text Reporter and is a member of the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) and the Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR).


Orla Pearson

Orla trained as a stenographer in Dublin in 1991. After spending two years working in the High Court and Crown Courts in London, she joined the new BBC subtitling department in 1994 where she covered a wide range of political, news and sports programmes as well as light entertainment and cultural programmes. She works freelance as a captioner doing live output on several channels and Newsnight each evening on BBC2. Her freelance work has included a wide range of high profile events including the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, Royal Weddings; she also works privately for clients in their workplace. She works regularly for Stagetext providing live speech-to-text for arts and cultural events, including talks and tours in museums and galleries.

Orla is a Registered Speech-to-Text Reporter and a member of the BIVR and AVSTTR. She has passed the RPR exam which is the American Court Reporting exam.

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